Goodbye Real Estate Agent Stigma

May 11, 2016


People often ask me “why are you an agent, you are too much of a nice guy to be an agent” and I say “that’s exactly why I am an agent”.  Being a nice guy in an industry that is renowned for attracting the wrong kind of characters is exactly the reason and the motivation that attracted me.  I know and on occasion work with agents in residential real estate and have to admit that they have been of the highest integrity and only have their clients best interest at heart and I would always work with them again.  Every industry has cowboys or cowgirls… from doctors to lawyers, the building industry to the hospitality industry; we don’t have a monopoly on it.


To be honest, pardon the PUN…it is a constant battle to be out there trying to change the image of the dodgy agent, but I intend to do that.


Words like, INTEGRITY, VALUES, HONESTY are used so often but have lost their meaning somewhere along the way.  These words are fundamentals in any business that wants to thrive in a social media saturated world.  Being a business owner in the real estate industry allows me the privilege of coming into someone’s home and giving them advice on how to best present, market and sell their property.


My role as a Sunshine Coast real estate agent is to navigate the selling of the property with the emotional intelligence and consideration of my client’s needs and wants.  The words I mentioned earlier INTEGRITY, VALUES & HONESTY… if utilised in the right way will always give a very positive final outcome!!  


So it makes perfect sense to me, always have INTEGRITY keep your core VALUES strong be HONEST even if it’s difficult, no one can ever argue with the truth.


Thanks for reading, I needed to get that off of my chest.

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