Who is Steven Mitchell?


The man at the helm is professional, driven, has no fear and loves the Sunshine Coast.


If you want someone that faces challenges, looks fear in the eye and remains positive at all costs to help sell your home then look no further. Steven makes no secret of his tumultuous journey; all of the twists and turns, highs and many lows have all carved him into a person with more integrity than most.


Husband, Father of two and business owner, Steven is a man with a healthy mindset who knows what he wants and then works hard to achieve his own goals. Originally from the North of England Steven has had an incredible journey so far, his life to date has handed him a bounty of lessons, which he has fortunately been able to extract positives from. It’s these lessons that set him apart from people who have had an easier road to travel. Nothing stands in his way, because he uses his honesty, integrity and tenacity to get the desired outcome.


Living in beautiful Noosa, Steven and his young family enjoy the beaches and spectacular coastal scenery every weekend. In his spare time Steven finds time to do things like trawl through record stores to find that perfect album, this displays the kind of patience he has. With a firm handle on what makes him tick, Steven knows that making time to maintain his health is paramount to his ability to perform for you.


For the past 10 years Steven has been a health practitioner in the NLP and Life Coaching space. Combine this with his keen interest as an amateur actor and you can be sure that Steven has the ability to both understand and read the character of your buyers, then respond in the best possible way to them in order to achieve a positive outcome for you.


“To me its really important to understand how humans behave, I take pride in being able to help people to achieve their goals both as an NLP practitioner and as a real estate agent. I am still an old fashioned type of guy that believes in a handshake or a verbal commitment, if I say I will do something then consider it done. To me a handshake is as good as a contract.”


Steven has travelled extensively around the world, finally settling in beautiful Noosa, Australia. He has been to a number of dangerous places across the globe, experiencing both positive and negative situations. His travels have all given him an innate ability to face fear and survive.  “Fear is terrifying and can stop you cold in your tracks, I have always tried to face fear and believe that it can be a very positive emotion if utilised in a way that can drive you to push through.” This is the kind of person Steven is and who you will have driving the sale of your property. Results oriented and passionate to the end, Steven is an asset and he and his team will help you to get results fast, with just one phone call.


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