Why Choose S.P. Mitchell Property Group?


We're Different

We are different because we are a boutique real estate agent based in Noosa, We are small and so we do not hold a lot of stock on purpose. We handle high-end homes that require our full attention; this is what makes us stand out.


At S.P. Mitchell Property Group, we listen, we communicate, we are proactive, we are motivated to get results for you and we are adaptable so you get what you need. We work within your time frames, we ask you why you want to sell and are able to use tact based on your circumstances, we will give you a list of referees if you need to talk to people who have used us in the past. In a nutshell, we are in this to support you, for us it’s a passion, not a numbers game.


Combine this with our ability to completely manage the sale of your property right up to settlement and our tenacious company vision driven by our sales director Steven Mitchell and you’ve got the ultimate in sales agents on the Sunshine Coast on your side. 



Our aim is to make it easy to sell, buy and move. There’s no need to ring around, just make one phone call till the property is sold. CALL 0413 266 648