When is the best time to sell?

July 22, 2016


This question comes up a lot in my conversations with clients…”When is the best time of year to sell my home?” It’s a good question with so many variables. Don’t be overwhelmed; each season has its benefit.


In my life, I wear many hats which enables me to see all aspects of life on the Sunshine Coast. As an independent real estate agent I see the business side of life. As a wellness coach I see the personal side of life and being involved in community theatre with Noosa Arts Theatre as an actor I see the cultural side of life and every nuance in between.  This has given me great insight into the mindset of people I interact with every day and it brings me to the conclusion that I don’t think there is a ‘best’ time of year to sell.


OK, we know that spring brings a sense of renewal and rebirth. This stimulates a positive feeling in one’s self-awareness. This can change the mindset of a huge amount of people at the same time which can bring increased activity to the property market. Gardens start to bloom, lawns are looking nice again and beautiful blue skies help make your property look fabulous! But in turn, a lot of people also have the same thought patterns. This means more wonderful properties on the market and more choice which could possibly keep prices lower. The buyer has more room to negotiate and more properties to choose from…maybe/maybe not. 


Summer can also be a good time to sell as the weather, outdoor living, BBQs in the garden and family gatherings help to create the dream of buying a lifestyle and appeals to a buyer who wants to create that summer holiday feel all year round, whether it is the upgraded property, first home buyers or new parents wanting to establish themselves in the market. Keep in mind though, that from the middle of December to late January can be a slow time to sell or buy as many people catch up with family interstate, most companies shut down and the traditional Australian Christmas can last for a good four weeks; not literally but certainly the psychology…maybe/maybe not. 


Autumn on the Sunshine Coast is Mother Nature’s way of reminding us all why we live here. Stunning sunsets finish glorious days; the humidity is gone and summer is retreating. You can comfortably pile the family into the car to see a number of properties without the rush and stumble of holidays and crowds. It puts people in a frame of mind to want to nest before the winter… maybe/maybe not.


Then there is winter. It is much cooler, the days are shorter and there is not usually as many properties to choose from. Your property will stand out for those buyers who can see the appeal of a year round sea change. I personally feel like this is a great time to sell as it limits competition which may help to keep negotiations to a minimum. The major cities of the South are cold and damp and the population’s psychology is dreaming of warmer climates… Hello Sunshine Coast! We don’t need to advertise as all industries are promoting Queensland for us… maybe/maybe not. 


There are positives to every season and together we can look at all the factors that can influence your time to buy including time line, season and market trends to come up with a plan that best suits you and get the best outcome… there is no right or wrong.


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